We’re an Aussie Veteran Focused Charity.

They have served us and it’s time to serve them.


We’re an Aussie Veteran Focused Charity.

Salute For Service acts as a bridge for Veterans, helping them quickly access the vital health services they need while assisting them to navigate the bureaucracy of DVA.

We understand that the period after leaving the ADF can be stressful and full of instability. This is why we want to help Veterans access services when they need them. 

Helping to buffer the out-of-pocket costs for health care, Salute For Service helps Veterans to rest easier and transition into civvy life.   


Salute For Service is Established To

Help veterans easily and efficiently access help for mental health problems across Australia that is fully-funded

Prevents long-term suffering with unaddressed mental health-related problems

Normalises conversations around PTSD, anxiety and depression among veterans

Promotes awareness of mental health-related issues for families of veterans, as well as the general public

Helps to reduce social isolation among veterans

Educates and equips veterans with the tools and knowledge to maintain control of their mental health, including overcoming new challenges that may arise

How We Work

By creating a safe, inclusive and supportive environment that promotes open and honest conversations, we help veterans feel understood about the mental health-related struggles they face after service.

Through changing their isolation mindset, we enable veterans to comfortably uptake the mental health services they need to overcome problems associated with PTSD, anxiety, depression and other issues related to their time in service. Once equipped with the right tools, resources and people, veterans are better prepared to lead fulfilled and meaningful lives without being held back by their mental health.

This charity invites Australian veterans to uptake the mental health-related services they need, with confidence, so that they can thrive in life away from service.

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